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June 22, 2006

Doggone it

Where to walk your dog when you live in a condo

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There are over 100,000 dogs in Calgary, many living in condos. Unfortunately, the condo environment isn’t always the one best suited for exercising dogs.After all, the hallways aren’t that interesting, and walking buddy through them is generally frowned upon. Running a definite no-no.

Dogs love to run, and it’s greqt exercise for them. But, like people, there are plenty of other reasons dogs like going to the park.

“Dogs like the socialization and playtime with other dogs and their owners,” says Val Hudson, the owner/operator of Dogtrotters, a company that specializes in walking dogs when their owners are unable to do so.  “They love having the chance to walk or run at their own pace.”

There are several on-leash parks in each quadrant of Calgary.  In the northwest there is Bowness Park where it’s not uncommon to see entire families go for a picnic with the dog, while in the northeast there is Bottomlands Park and St. George’s Island.  If you live in the southwest you can go to Weaselhead Flats or Fish Creek Park, where the occasional deer, moose or bear will wander, or in the southeast you can go to Beaverdam Flats and Carburn Park.  These parks support a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, mammals and plants.  If you’re downtown you can always go to Prince’s Island Park or walk along the river.

Even though well-trained dogs generally aren’t a problem, there are still some places that they can’t go.  These no-dog zones include: school grounds, playgrounds, sports fields, golf courses, cemeteries, wading or swimming areas, the Calgary Zoo, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Inglewood Wildlands.  Always look for a sign which tells you what the area is, if there is no sign, then the area is considered on-leash.
When all is said and done, it’s still about the dogs, so which parks do the dogs enjoy the most?

“Dogs really like the off-leash sections of Edworthy Park, Southland Park, Bowmont Park and Nose Hill Park.  They also love it out at Bearspaw Dam,” says Val Hudson.

Fortunately for those residing in condos there are plenty of places to walk their dogs, both on-leash and off-leash.  There are no excuses for your dog not getting enough exercise, and it’s good for you too!

A list of off-leash areas is on the right.  However, these areas may change, as individual communities decide which parks are off-leash.  Always check for the appropriate signs before assuming any area is off-leash, or you may find yourself with an unexpectedly expensive trip to the park.   CL

There are several rules that must be observed at all times

On Pathways
• All pathways are on-leash for dogs - $100 fine
• Leash length must not exceed two metres - $75 fine
• You and your dog must stay on the right hand side of all pathways unless passing someone - $75 fine
• Dogs must not interfere with, chase, or obstruct other pathway users - $200 fine
• You cannot cycle, in-line skate or skateboard with a leashed dog - $75 fine
• You must clean up after your dog eliminates - $250 fine

In Parks
• All parks in Calgary are on-leash unless otherwise posted - $100 fine
• You must keep your dog under control at all times in off-leash areas. This means your dog must stay in sight and come when called - $100 fine
• All parking lots are on-leash, even in off-leash areas - $100 fine
• Dogs are not allowed to enter or swim in any body of water in a park - $100 fine

Off Leash Areas
Acadia: 9800 Blackfoot Tr SE
Altadore: 4500 14A St SW
Bankview: 1815 23 Av SW
Braeside: 14 St & Anderson Rd SW
Britannia: 1120 50 Ave SW
Coach Hill: 6204 Coach Hill Rd SW
Deer Ridge: 151 Deerfield Dr SE
Diamond Cove: 247 Queensland Pl SE, between Diamond Cove and Queensland: 11404 Bow Bottom Tr SEwest of Bow Bottom Tr and east of river
Eagleridge: 52 Eagle Crest Pl SW
East Village: 610 5 Ave SE
Elbow Park: 3029 8 St SW
Elboya: 521 Lansdowne Ave SW
Fairview: 7510 Flint Rd SE, 450 71 Ave SE
Forest Lawn Industrial: 1827 68 St SE, south of Elliston Park
Glenbrook: 5302 32 Ave SW
Haysboro: 328 Haddon Rd SW, 1438 Heritage Dr SW, SE corner of Heritage Dr and 14 St SW
Inglewood: 620 12 St SE, just south of Zoo Bridge
Lake Bonavista: 227 Lake Willow Rd SE, 1172R Lake Huron Cr SE, 289 129 Ave SE, 11904 Bonaventure Dr SE
Lakeview: 3129 Glenmore Tr SW
Lynnwood Ridge: 1003 Lysander Dr SE, 171R Lynnview Rd SE
Mapleridge: 56 Mapleglade Cl SE, NE corner of Anderson Rd and Acadia Dr
Oakridge: 37 St SW, from 90 Ave to Southland Dr, 9821 Oakfield Dr SW
Ogden: 6030 18A St SE, 7231 20A St SE, 7120 20A St SE
Parkland: 14220 Parkland Blvd SE
Queensland: 48R Queen Alexandra Cl SE, along Bow Bottom Tr, 247 Queensland Pl SE, between Diamond Cove and Queensland
Ramsay: 2015 Salisbury St SE
Scotsman Hill: Riverdale, 521 & 625 Landsdowne Ave SW
Riverbend: 8925 Riverview Dr SE, 171 Riverbend Dr SE
Roxboro: 300 33 Ave SW, 3010 Roxboro Glen Rd SW
Scarboro: 1616 22 St SW, 1521 Summit St SW
Southwood: Northside of Anderson Rd from Macleod Tr to Elbow Dr SW
Pump Hill: 2001 22 St SW
Shaganappi: 2608 14 Ave SW, north of Community Association
Spruce Cliff: 5050 Spruce Dr SW
Edworthy Park: east of Lawrey Gardens, north of CPR tracks, along the Bow River
Strathcona: 795 Strathcona Dr SW, 111 Stratton Cr SW, Between Strandell Cr & Strathearn Cr SW
Sunalta: 2240 Pumphouse Ave SW
Willowpark: 809 Willingdon Blvd SE
Woodbine: 37 St SW from Anderson Rd to 130 Ave SW

Beaverdam: 750 Blackthorn Rd NE
Beddington Heights: 52 Berkley Way NW, 172 Bermuda Dr NW, 1051 Berkley Dr NW
Bowness: 160R Bow Green Cr NW, 7135 34 Ave NW corner of 37 Ave & Sarcee Tr
Brentwood: 3387R Breton Cl NW
Briar Hill: 1025 19 St NW
Bridgeland: 25 St. Georges Dr NE
Tom Campbell Hill: Cambrian Heights, 1407 John Laurie Blvd NW, 3425 10 St NW
Charleswood: 2515 John Laurie Blvd NW, 291 Carragana Cr NW
Collingwood: 1924 Canberra Rd NW, 1612 Cayuga Dr NW
Crescent Heights: 617 1 St NE, Rotary Park, southern portion
Edgemont: 47 Edgepark Blvd NW, 175 Edgedale Dr NW, 124 Edendale Cr NW
Falconridge: Falwood Wy NE, from Falconridge Cr to Falbury Cr NE
Greenview: 4307 Edmonton Tr NE
Hawkwood: 164 Hawkview Manor Cl NW, 100 Hawkwood Hill NW, 243 Hawkcliff Way NW
Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley Dr at Shaganappi Tr NW
Highland Park Industrial: 3907 6 St NE
Huntington Hills: 520 78 Ave NW, 1135 78 Ave NW, 105 Huntstrom Dr NE, between Hunstrom Rd and Huntwell Rd NE, 8068 Huntington Rd NE
Marlborough: Marlborough Park Buffer from 52 St to 68 St NE
Martindale: 199 Martindale Blvd NE
Mayland Heights: 325 19 St NE, west side of 19 St, 320 19 St NE, east side of 19 St, 116 Mckinnon Cr NE
Montgomery: 4707 Montalban Dr NW
North Haven: 314 Norseman Rd NW, John Laurie Blvd NW behind Namaka Cr NW, 4827R Niven Rd NW
Pineridge: 2115 68 St NE buffer along Pinetree Rd & 16 Ave
Ranchlands: 200 Ranch Estates Dr NW, 239 Ranch Estates Dr NW, 655 Ranchlands Blvd NW
Renfrew: 936 Robert Rd NE
Rosedale: 1101 Crescent Rd NW, 625 Crescent Rd NW, McHugh Bluff
Rundle: Along 16 Ave from Rundlecarin Way to Rundleridge Dr NE
Sandstone: 99 Sandstone Dr NW, 98 Sandringham Way NW
Scenic Acres: 8611 Crowchild Tr NW between Scenic View Gt & Schubert Gt NW, 61 Scotia Pt NW
Silver Springs: 5420 Silver Springs Blvd NW, along river and behind golf course
Thorncliffe: 280 Northmount Dr NW, 628 63 Ave NW, 6227 Touchwood Dr NW, 421 60 Ave NE
Varsity: 4120 37 St NW, 4001 36 St NW, 37 St NW & Crowchild Tr NW, Vienna Dr NW & Crowchild Tr NW

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