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September 16, 2004

Condo Appliances

Small in size, big in efficiency

Sherry Hume

An important part of buying a new home is knowing which appliances are included and what type.

Every showhome has beautiful appliances that match the décor and enhance the attractiveness of the home to potential buyers. However, when looking at a condominium some of the appliances may differ from those that you see in a single-family dwelling.

First of all, many condominiums are designed for maximum efficiency and utilization of space. As well, many condos are contained on one level so designing a functional floor plan is essential to its buyer-appeal. To some extent, the decision on which appliances are to be included in the floor plan is as important as the design itself. There are various space-saving models available to builders or homeowners these days, and most are just as efficient as the full-sized models.

Refrigerators, ovens and stoves are not the only appliances that may be included when buying a condo, and they certainly aren’t the only items that come in space-saving models. Deep-freezers and washer and dryer units are also available in space-efficient sizes and models. Although most condos don’t come with a deep-freezer, often home owners consider it a necessity and will purchase one themselves.

Unfortunately most condos don’t have room for a full-sized freezer unless you plan on sleeping in it. Luckily most appliance stores carry four and six cubic foot models that are just the right size for a storage or laundry room and are extremely energy efficient as well. There are even some home owners who decide to have a smaller freezer in the kitchen and a countertop can be designed so that a portion of it can be lifted up to access the freezer. This is of course more costly but affords the home owner even more workspace in the kitchen.

Washers and dryers can sometimes take up a great deal of space, which is why stacking units were designed. In a condo there is much less space devoted to a laundry room so units such as these are essential. Many condos only have hook-ups but at Emerald Stone Condominiums, Frigidaire’s one-piece stacked washer and dryer can be added as an upgrade and goes even one-step further in space-efficiency. As well, space-saving over-the-range (OTR) microwaves are standard in these condos. With these space-saving models however, Emerald Stone is able to offer 18 cubic-foot refrigerators, 30-inch cook-top ranges with self-cleaning ovens and even full-sized dishwashers.

Nowadays, many condo builders are selectively choosing which appliances should be the space-saving models and which should be offered in regular sizes. It’s all what is attractive to condominium buyers and what suits their lifestyles. Many condos now include items such electric or gas fireplaces, central air-conditioning and in-sink disposal units. Once considered extravagances in a condominium, these items are now great selling-features. Every builder designs new and innovative floor plans and every home is unique so there will always be a variety of appliances to choose from in every shape and size.

If you are curious about what is available, appliance stores such as Trail Appliances, Atlas Appliances, Coast Wholesale Appliances Ltd., and the Calgary Home Appliance Gallery have large showrooms with the latest models available. The phone book is full of reputable companies and new styles and designs are always emerging. This means that as lifestyles change, so will our appliances. After all, they are an integral part of our homes and lives.

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