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August 01, 2010

Primpcess Mirror

Garage sale Glamour for the tweens’ wall

Linda Bodo

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The popular pastime of hosting social gatherings in yards, driveways, or garages has become synonymous with diverting household items from landfills while offering bargain seekers an adrenalin rush. This weekend ritual normally involves residents spreading wares on rickety tables and frayed blankets in the hopes of scoring a profit while ridding their rafters of dust-gathering paraphernalia. Advertising for these exclusive retail opportunities usually comes in the form of ubiquitous handwritten signs posted on telephone poles, street lights or abandoned election sign posts.

Although this practice may seem primitive to some, garage sale aficionados across the land gleefully empty their piggybanks as they barter for treasures and troves.

The perfect garage sale is a chaotic tumble of items crudely sorted into categories. Keep an eye out for mirrors of any shape and size for this project and create a regal accessory guaranteed to make one feel like royalty.

This mirror is designed for any princess who deserves to wear a tiara while primping.

Recycle an old mirror to keep costs down and use etched, self-adhesive vinyl instead of toxic creams or sandblasting.

$15–25 (SRP $50–75)

2 - 3 hours

Etched self-adhesive vinyl (available at sign supply outlets, sold by the foot)
Costume jewels and gemstones (purchase pre-glued variety to avoid using super glue)
Gel super glue (if not using pre-glued gemstones)
Scrap paper

Tape measure
Needle-nose pliers

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