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January 23, 2012

Peace and personality

Let your personality reign in the bedroom

Jessica Patterson

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The bedroom is as personal as it can get, and your design should reflect what you like.

Whether it’s big budget overhaul work or simply spicing décor up with a collection of small indulgences and details, master bedrooms are your end-of-day retreat from the world. You want something cozy to come home to, not the sterility of a hotel.

Local interior designer and Ingenium Design president Andrea Raimondi says there are ways to personalize that large space.

To begin, Raimondi says to start with a little bit of research. “Find things you really and truly love, in magazines,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be design-related. It could be fashion magazines and colour combinations.”

In fact, fashion magazines are often a hot bed of inspiration for Raimondi, who uses them, among other resources, to direct clients’ focus with colour palates. A lot of the time, her creativity is motivated by trends that translate from pop culture and fashion into the world of interior design. 

“If they find in a magazine a really cool design concept or colour combination that works together in fashion, it translates really well to interiors,” she says. 

Raimondi’s Ingenium Designs specializes in luxury hotels, boutique hotels and homes, and Raimondi says carrying that over to residential rooms means punctuating with colour, integrating art pieces and lots of different textures. 

Keep the luxury of the posh hotel, with plush bedding including high thread count cottons, silk, linen and other fabrics. Layered linens and textures make that queen or king size bed look luxurious, Raimondi says.

Master bedrooms have undergone a transformation the last couple of decades, evolving into master suites. You don’t just sleep in the space anymore. People spend a lot of time in their personalized oases and the design reflects that. Master suites can accommodate not only walk-in closets, but reading and work out areas, wet bars and private balconies. 

Master bedrooms are beautiful spaces, often the only quiet spaces in your entire home. When you need to get away from it all, the bedroom is a place where you’re the only one who exists, or at least you can feel that way. 

From opulent and modern to sophisticated and smooth, or worn-in vintage, your design theme should reflect a sense of comfort. It is your bedroom after all. If wild, tribal patterns help you connect with yourself, painting those walls might be just what you need. Perhaps your design scheme is modern meets old world. Maybe it’s shabby chic. 

Which environments evoke for you a sense of comfort and peace? Do you feel more rested with bright crisp colours or do you enjoy the total blackout of a movie theatre? 

The key to making your master bedroom a reflection of your personality is in the building blocks. 

“You can pick a couple of iconic pieces and make them special. Like an occasional chair, something that’s special to you. Have it upholstered in a really wild fabric,” Raimondi says. “Maybe everything is sleek and modern, and you have a piece upholstered in fabric, those combinations make it personal.”

She says a few extra pieces of furniture are always needed in the master, like a side chair or a bench on which to lay out your clothes. An overstuffed armchair can be a great place to read, and doubles as a laundry basket when your closet explodes. Night stands aren’t necessary, though you could have a pair of small tables instead, and Raimondi says they don’t have to match or align. 

So, whether you’re installing that studded chocolate leather chair you rescued from a vintage shop or an antique ladder-back chair from a trip to Amish country, choose extra furniture carefully, with your personal style in mind. 

Beyond beds, dressers and mirrors, another feature of a master bedroom that screams “you” is the light fixture. 

“A lighting fixture can act as an art piece,” Raimondi says. “You can have a very minimal room and have some really unique fixtures in there and they become like jewels. Infusing your personality into a space would be from your art.”

Lights can be bright, airy, or soft and moody. A skylight brings natural light in from above. A Swarovski crystal pendant light adds vibrancy to your master bedroom, while a miniature chandelier with pillar candles adds just a touch of the romantic. Shop around for those special pieces. 

Trends for this season includes a reappearance of classic, timeless designs. Elegant simplicity, or decor not uncommon in your grandparents’ master bedroom, is making a comeback with a twist. 

“The other thing I’m seeing is a resurgence of upholstered pieces,” Raimondi says. “Like your drawer unit, upholstered. It’s not just wooden drawers on a dresser, its upholstered in leather or some other fabric. It’s a little bit unexpected, that’s quite unique.”

So, don’t think of designing the interior of your master bedroom as a challenge. With these few smart tips, you’ll be the master of your master suite.


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