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May 01, 2012

Condo concepts: the condo brain trust

The importance of a condo board

Maria Bartolotti

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As a Condominium Manager, I do attend my share of Board meetings and I can tell you from experience that some meetings can run longer than they should. So, how can you, as a board, stay on track and avoid the dreaded three-hour board meeting.

Serving on the board may be a tedious task, but the board’s importance to the life of a condo cannot be over emphasized. People you elect to serve on the board play a huge part in determining the direction of your condo life.

Condo owners have the ability at a formally convened annual general meeting to choose who will make decisions on behalf of their condominium corporation for the upcoming fiscal year.

After the election process is complete and your board has been elected, they will call for a meeting of the board and choose the directors positions and any committee positions they would like to have.

In general, there are four positions to be filled on a board: The president is responsible for overseeing the daily business of the corporation, chairing and setting the agenda for the board meetings. The vice-president takes on these responsibilities in the absence of the president. Your treasurer’s role is to oversee the financial statements and report this to the board. While the secretary records all discussions and actions taken by the board, called the minutes.

The purpose of the board of directors is to set policy for the corporation, and to direct the professional management company to carry out those policies.

Personal grievances, chatting about your last vacation or the great date you went on the week before, does not make for a productive meeting and should be kept outside board discussions.

Having the president of the board send an agenda with the time and location of the meeting a week prior, will give everyone a sense of what the topics will be at the meeting.

Agendas should be concise and should include all the matters that need decided by the board, identifying responsibilities for each task along with timelines and follow up steps after the meeting.

Your condominium manager should be at the meeting and come prepared to discuss it’s progress on the directives that were given by the board as well as any new items that may require action by the board.  

Discussions, motions, approvals and action items arise from your committee reports and will form the basis for your minutes.

It is said, that the most successful board meetings are those chaired by strong leaders. Be it the president, a member on the board or your condominium manager, regardless of who chairs the meeting, it is their responsibility to keep the discussions focused, move the meeting forward and keep everyone on track. Until next time … 

Maria Bartolotti is the owner-manager of New Concept Management Inc. She has developed a strong reputation for rendering timely and efficient services to the condominium industry. Maria believes that her company’s success hinges on her hands-on approach to condominium management as well as maintaining open lines of communications with her clientele. Maria is actively involved in her industry. For more information, visit

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