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February 01, 2016

The right stuff

“Love It, Live It, Afford It” works for new Copperfield Park III resident

Darlene Casten

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Kristen spent two days waiting for one of the biggest days of her life in a camping chair and sleeping bag, getting by on snacks and pizza.

The 24-year-old was waiting in line to enter adulthood — at least that’s the way she sees it. 

In early 2014 Kristen decided to start the search for her first home and registered with Brad Remington Homes’ Copperfield Park III. After months spent searching all over the southeast and southwest Hall was sure she wanted to buy in Copperfield Park III, but she heard it would mean a few days in a lineup to ensure she could land the suite she had her eye on.

She recruited her mother and some friends to help her secure the unit she had her eye on. They helped Kristen keep her spot in line while she worked during the day and she took the night shift on the queue.

“It was pretty fun,” she says. “You get to know your neighbours before they move in.” Every sales launch for each Copperfield Park development was met with long line-ups, but Bryan Logel, Brad Remington Homes’ vice-president for sales and marketing, says this one for Copperfield Park III had been the longest one yet.

Kristen was the first in line to purchase her first home and by the time the sales centre opened there were at least 20 people in line, she says. 

The effort and patience paid off and Hall purchased a one-bedroom, one bathroom 567-square-foot unit for $160,000.

“I was not looking for anything too big,” she says. “Its my first place so I wanted to be careful. I don’t want to be housebroke.” 

Kristen fits squarely in Brad Remington Homes’ demographic attracted by the stylish suites and their affordability, Logel says. “Our theme of ‘love it, live it, afford it’ has really resounded with our buyers, who look at us as the best, most affordable way to get out of the rental trap and create equity in their own home.”

Kristen says a small space was all that she needed for her and her best friend Dexter, a Dachshund-Corgi cross.

“It was perfect for a single person and her dog,” Kristen says, giving Dexter a pat.

Over the next year, she learned a lot about herself as she prepared to move into her own home. 

“I wanted a classy, but homegrown feel,” Kristen says. 

Her creative side went into overdrive as she delved into the online world of home décor. 

“Kijiji and Pinterest were my best friends,” she says. 

“You can look at them and get ideas and I’d execute it in my own way.”

Her IKEA bedroom furniture was refreshed using lace and chalk paint. 

Kristen’s father was brought in to help with some small construction projects, like an old-fashioned toolbox that she turned on its side and uses as a shelf for mug storage. Dad is also currently working on re-purposing an old farm door that will be used as shelving and lighting by installing light strands behind the glass.

She also turned to Kijiji where she was excited to come across amazing finds, like apple boxes from the Ontario region where her father and grandfather grew up.

Between her own ingenuity and the open and practical floor plan, it feels like there is twice as much space, she says. 

“I like the layout because it makes 567 square feet feel way bigger,” she says.

The pocket doors in the bedroom free up space and she leaves them slightly open at night to give the feeling her bedroom extends into the hallway, where she also hung a mirror to increase the illusion of space. 

“In this day and age, and with Pinterest, you can make 500 square-feet feel like 1,000,” Kristen says.

A frosted glass window between the living room and bedroom also gives the room an airy feel. At night a light on in the bedroom acts like a lamp into the living room, she explains.

Thanks to a slight extension in the kitchen, there is an extra two feet of cabinetry and counter space, Kristen continues. 

It was the kitchen that grabbed Kristen’s intentions. The modern flat kitchen cabinets spoke to her, she says.

The ability to pick all of her finishing was also a major selling point for the creative lady. 

“Everything is individually selected so the end result is unique,” she says.

And of course location was part of the equation. 

“I’m a southy,” she says. “I went to Bishop O’Byrne (high school) and grew up in Somerset.”

The convenience of Calgary’s south has been a coup as well, says Kristen.

“We are close to Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail so getting anywhere is pretty simple. It’s 10 minutes to any main road.”

She already has signed up at a nearby gym and says everything else she needs is within a few kilometres.

“You have the option of the big stores (at 130th Avenue), which are busier or you just go to Mackenzie Towne if you need milk,” she says.

And for a girl with a lot of new responsibilities that is really reassuring, she laughs.

“I am nervous and excited. It is scary. I’m an adult now.”CL

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