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April 01, 2018

The Furniture District

11th Street S.E. is becoming known as a one-stop-shop to furnish your home

Brandi Holmes

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Do you ever wonder where to find good quality furniture or statement pieces without having to shop online or go downtown into the hustle and bustle of the design district?

11th street S.E. might have just what you are looking for, this area is becoming known as the ‘furniture district.’ With big name retailers, boutique shops and destination stores moving in from previous downtown locations or elsewhere, 11th street SE is proving to be the one-stop-shop location to furnish your home.

There are tons of great stores along this stretch that are sure to fit the needs of any style and décor that you could think of.

Heading towards the south, 11th street S.E. will lead you right to Deerfoot Meadows shopping centre, which is where Calgary’s only IKEA store is located. Now, these Swedish furniture builders have evolved over the years — producing higher quality items but at an affordable price. So, if you are on a budget, IKEA furniture is a great option, especially if you are interested in putting your own furniture together. If you are looking for pieces that are not mass-produced or for something you won’t see when peeking into your neighbour’s house, IKEA may not be for you.

Very close by there are other well known big name furniture stores like The Brick, Leon’s and Ashley HomeStore — which are all great options when searching for the bulk of your furnishings.

A few unique stores that are worth checking out are Bondars and Home Evolution. The same family owns both stores but despite being operated by the same company both stores have different styles and price points. Home Evolution is much more modern, where as Bondars has more classic pieces.

Jordan Bondar says, “we have been in this location for 25 years, we used to be a destination, but the furniture district has developed around us.” Bondars current location is a massive 33,000 square foot facility that allows customers to completely visualize their furniture in a room-by-room setting. “What sets us apart from other stores is our selection of merchandise, we offer over 50 manufacturers with a handful being exclusive only to us,” explains Jordan during Condo Living’s visit to both Bondars and Home Evolution. The show room is set up in mock rooms, there are complete living room, office and bedroom set ups that allow customers to see how certain pieces fit together.

“Customers are able to purchase one piece or an entire room package if they love what we have set up,” explains Jordan.

Bondars and Home Evolution is welcoming of the development of the Furniture District, it allows the entire location of 11th street S.E. to become a destination known for good quality furniture.

“We were one of the first furniture store here and now we see everyone moving here from downtown.”

Jordan couldn’t help but give us some tips on how to furnish a new home or what to start with. “Always a sofa and a good quality bed frame are the items you need to start with and be willing to spend some money on — sofas should last 10 years minimum.”

She also recommends staying timeless and collecting art, “a lot of pieces in my own home are classic and clean with great art — I have to have good art.”

This district is sure living up to its up-and-coming title of the furniture district. Everywhere you look there is another great furniture store, light gallery, carpet retailer, appliance centre and even a pool/spa company — every type of store you could ever need to complete your home.

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