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April 01, 2019

Dream space

Capella design creates dreamy living spaces

Pepper Rodriguez

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It takes tons of creativity and imagination to come up with a distinctive look for a show suite that would grab the attention of possible homebuyers; it takes a lot more to accomplish this goal within the confines of a limited space.

Brookfield Residential’s new show suite for its Capella condos in the University District’s Discovery Centre is a triumph of effortless creativity that captures the beauty and sophistication of stately and spacious condominium living in a few square-feet of space.

Designed by Brookfield Residential’s showhome coordinator, Chloe Leung, the Capella show suite captures the feel of a spacious, luxurious home — a designing feat that is nothing short of stunning considering the limited space she had to work with.

Notice the furniture, nothing is small scale as can be expected in most condos. Even the massive eight-seater dining table looks right at home in this confined space. That table can even be expanded further to add a couple more seats.

But this is nothing out of the ordinary for Chloe, who despite her youthful appearance has worked in the Calgary design industry for years, and is accustomed to defining living spaces through her creativity. “I travel extensively and get a lot of my
inspiration from places I’ve visited. Restaurants are also a huge source of inspiration to me seeing how their design can make customers feel immediately at home.”

Capella offers apartment-style condos and executive single-level residences. Chloe created a fashionable kitchen vignette for the apartment-style condos, but it is the full suite she designed with admirable deftness and precision that brings to bear
the full effects of a luxuriously grand single-level residence. It showcases the vision for glamourous living that Capella is all about. 

Capella’s show suite for its single-level residences illustrates beautifully that downsizing may mean scaling down on living space, but not in luxury. Customized full-height cabinetry with under-cabinet lighting and matching granite along the
backsplash, kitchen counter and island give it a polished, sophisticated look. The waterfall design of the island brings the entire room together. “The island is so massive that I had a bit of a problem sourcing a granite slab big enough to fit it in the
colour I wanted,” Chloe says.

The Capella show suite has a golden aura about it, emphasized by the champagne bronze hardware Chloe uses for pulls and accents. Notice how the theme continues throughout the room from the legs of the bar stools to the paintings she chose.

“We commissioned a local artist for those paintings, it brings class and culture to the space and goes a long way in letting buyers know how they can personalize the look of their suites here.”

Pops of elegant black also serve to enhance the sense of sophistication in the Capella show suite. Silgranit double-bowl undermount sinks are among the lavish standards in Capella’s single-level residences.

Sleek and sensual black taps in the master bath raise its spa-like ambience. Buyers of Capella’s single-level residences can customize the finish of their home with the assistance of an interior designer at The Brookfield Studio, creating a home that
truly represents their tastes and desires.

The wood elements of the cabinetry, the engineered hardwood flooring, and even the 12-foot dining table, appeals to older and younger generations alike. “The older generation like it for the sense of nostalgia it brings, while the younger
generation like it for its modern, Scandinavian feel,” Chloe says. Tall ceilings and the big bank of windows that the majority of Capella suites get, enhances the sense of luxury.

The 10-milimetre glass shower is a definite high point in the standard design of the single-level residences that starts from $668,900 (plus GST). Ensuite showers have tiled bases and surrounds adding to the sense of grandeur.

The ensuite showcases a MAAX freestanding tub with deck-mount four-piece Roman tub fixture. “I wanted to make the buyer feel that they can get the same aspects of living in Capella as they did in their single-family homes,” she says.

Visit the Capella show suite at the University District Discovery Centre at 4410 University Ave N.W. Or go to for more information.

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