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December 19,2008

From the street to a suite

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Children with special needs, street kids, the working poor, the homeless; they all share a need, and through their need provide the opportunity to serve.

Calgary Home Builders Foundation
The Calgary Home Builders Foundation was incorporated in 1986 with the mandate to give back to the residents of the City of Calgary who are in need. The Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Canadian Home Builders' Association - Calgary Region, although they share many goals and resources.

The focus of the Foundation is Shelter Related. Its role is to construct or assist in the construction of housing for people who are in need of shelter.

Extending a Helping Hand....

Children with special needs, street kids, the working poor, the homeless; they all share a need, and through their need provide the opportunity to serve. For the Calgary Home Builders Foundation, that service comes by providing shelter for Calgary's less fortunate citizens. This kind of support for the community comes from association members who appreciate the business success that the City of Calgary has offered them. They give back by providing shelter when a need is identified. It was their ability to serve the community in this manner that prompted formation of the Calgary Home Builders Foundation.

The Foundation raises most of it's funds on a per project basis. Each project is assessed to ascertain the involvement required of the Foundation and the CHBA - Calgary Region membership. Once that is determined, a fund-raising program is undertaken and members of the home building community are called upon to provide materials, labour, cash donations and time.

The Calgary Home Builders Foundation appreciates the support of its members and is grateful for any donations that help support its work. For more specific information on current projects, the Foundations' work, or to make a donation, please call and help us extend a helping hand.

Current Project

The Foundation is currently fundraising for the Inglewood Residence which is will  break ground in spring of 2007. The Inglewood Residence will be 113 residential units of condo-style housing which will house working poor, low income seniors, mentally and physically handicapped persons as well as brain injured.

Projects Completed

2001 – 2003  marked the beginning of the CHBF's largest undertaking. In recognition of the Calgary Home Builders Foundation support, the development is named after industry leader Major Bob Ward and is a joint venture of the Calgary Home Builders Foundation, the Homeless Foundation and Horizon Housing Society. The Bob Ward Residence is a three story 61 unit apartment building that will help fill the serious need for affordable housing for people with mental illness and other special needs.  It houses over 70 people requiring housing assistance and includes a special brain injury rehabilitation unit.  The 61 apartments range from 354 sq. ft. studio suites for those with a mental illness to a 1608 sq. ft. 4 bedroom apartment for the brain injury unit.

The Bob Ward Residence was completed in October of 2003 and is located on the northeast corner of Glenmore Trail and Sarcee Trail on land generously supplied by the City of Calgary.  The Foundation is very proud that this project came in under budget and mortgage free.

In 2000, the Inn from the Cold Project, a transitional housing project in Ogden, was completed and appropriately named after Jon Robson, who dedicated himself to working to improve the situation for the homeless. This 12 unit project was built to house homeless families, and was a part of the City of Calgary's Days of Caring Project.

Also in 2000, the Safe Haven Foundation Project, a duplex that provides a home for runaway teenage girls, was completed through the Foundation's efforts in providing managerial and site supervision assistance.

In 1999 the Foundation assembled resources to complete a major renovation to Cottage 6 at the campus of the William Roper Hull Center. Cottage 6 houses children who are physically violent to others and dangerous to themselves. With the expanded and improved cottage, better treatment for more of these children can be given.

Again in 1999, the Foundation assisted Calhome Properties by converting and adding a second floor to an existing building which houses single persons who are employed but cannot afford current rents and security deposits. After a period of subsidized rents, they will be able to have saved sufficient funds to rent normal apartments.

In 1998 the Foundation, in conjunction with Calhome Properties, renovated a portion of the York Hotel turning ten rooms into twenty smaller rooms, each one self-sufficient for use by those who can afford to pay some rent but need help in building up resources to afford normal rents and deposits.

In 1996 we constructed a home for older children who are not cared for adequately by foster care, and who, if left alone will likely turn to a life of escalating crime. The Safe House Society counsels and houses such children for up to six months which gives the children the opportunity to channel their lives in a positive direction.

In 1993 we constructed the Children's Cottage which houses children who are in Calgary for medical treatment. It also houses parents who are visiting their children who are in hospital for medical treatment and accepts children on a temporary basis to permit their parents - usually single parents - some respite.

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