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March 11,2009

Condo buyer’s checklist

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Apart from the obvious financial aspects of purchasing a condominium, there are plenty of other factors special to condominium that must be considered when condo shopping.

Exterior Common Elements
-    How's the street access?
-    Are roads, paths, sidewalks and parking areas well lit and in good condition?
-    Where are the garbage receptacles located?
-    If it's winter are snow and ice removed from steps and sidewalks?
-    If it's summer is the lawn mowed?
-    What condition are the trees and other hedges or flower gardens in?
-    If parking is outdoor, are plug-ins available?
-    If you have children, what shape is the playground in? Are there fences?
-    Are the exterior walls aluminum, cedar siding, stucco or brick?
-    Do they need repairs or paint?
-    Is there sufficient exterior lighting?

Interior Common Elements
-    Is the lobby clean and in good repair?
-    What is the front door security system like?
-    Are elevators and stairwells clean and well-lit?
-    What is the condition of the walls, flooring and lighting in corridors?
-    Are indoor storage facilities available?
-    Are all recreational amenities properly maintained and in good working order (pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, gyms, craft and wood working rooms, etc.)?

Individual Units
-    Are exterior door and locks in good working condition?
-    Are all drywall walls painted, undented and unscratched?
-    Are all smoke detectors installed and functioning?
-    Do windows open, close and lock smoothly?
-    Is the flooring clean?
-    Does the heating and air conditioning work?
-    Do all the taps work (but not drip) ? Toilets flush?
-    Do all lights and electrical sockets function?
-    Do all the built-in appliances work?
-    How much exterior noise penetrates the unit?

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