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March 11,2009

Paint it green (with eco-friendly paints)

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A promise from Benjamin Moore

Everyone evacuate the house, put your gas masks on and head for the hills because Dad just slathered on a fresh coat of paint.

That may have been the case in painting ventures past, but thanks to the renowned Benjamin Moore paint specialists, your living room, office and home exterior will have never looked and smelled this fresh.

Home decorators, interior designers and paint contractors alike are breathing easy with the launch of Benjamin Moore’s Aura eco-friendly paints, introduced to consumers in the spring and summer of 2008.

The new line of paint products is multi-dimensional. If you’re a colour connoisseur, the Aura paints are available in a plethora of hues, over 3,300 to be precise. On the contrary, if colour coordinating doesn’t come naturally to you, Benjamin Moore has a foolproof colour-matching guide to ensure success.

Though it’s not merely the selection that sets the super premium paints apart, in an environmentalist world, consumers will be pleased to know of its eco-friendly nature.

There are harmful chemical compounds found in paint known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). According to Benjamin Moore’s Director of Product Development Carl Minchew, Aura meets and exceeds the toughest VOC standards in North America, putting the product at an environmental benchmark with recognition from reputable environmental groups, one being the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Benjamin Moore assures a greener solution to redecorating. With fewer VOCs being released into the atmosphere, our homes and ultimately our respiratory systems, the future is looking bright.

“Paint is our only business, so we are always working on ways to provide the absolute best product for our customers—our research and development never stops,” explains Minchew. “We believed that to achieve lower VOCs and high performance we needed to design a completely new platform.”

With its highly regarded Colour Lock Technology, Benjamin Moore says it is “The key to what makes Aura paint different from any other coating on the market.”

An innovative technology embeds colour pigment particles in what is referred to as binder molecules. Essentially, the pigments are permanently bonded to the dry paint film, resulting in richer hues that won’t fade.

With a custom formulation Aura paints boast resistibility and quality. Whether it’s the careless by passer, persistent rain or the mischievous children that continue to test your paints durability, Aura paints can proudly withstand and outlast the best of them.    

So if walls could talk, they would say “Paint me with Benjamin Moore’s Aura eco-friendly paint.”

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