March 29, 2007 | Issue 79 Cover

March 29, 2007 | Issue 79

In this issue. . .

Nestle up to nature at Sanderson Ridge; explore some bright ideas in lighting; go back in time with Craftsman Bungalows; march to the beat of a new drum at chante Clair; learn how to take on a second mortgage; and discover how one senior's condo move has her living outside of the box.

In This Issue

Living on the Ridge

Living on the Ridge

Leaving behind the worries of yard work in favour of a low-maintenance lifestyle doesn’t have…

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Craftsman Bungalows

Craftsman Bungalows

Traditionally, a bungalow has been the home of choice for those looking for adaptability, simplicity…

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Condo light choices

Condo light choices

One of the most neglected elements of the home is also the most essential. While…

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Chanté Clair

Chanté Clair

It started with a vision: a luxury condo building, converted from an apartment building in…

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