October 2009 | Issue 118 Cover

October 2009 | Issue 118

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Automatic for the people

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we live in the Jetson age, where technology has advanced light years ahead of anything I could’ve imagined growing up in the 1970s. Sure, I don’t have a flying car or a ‘Rosie the Robot’ yet (give it a couple years), but many of the concepts from the imaginary future of old cartoons and science fiction TV shows are fast becoming fairly mundane items of everyday use for us these days. Touch-screen cell phones, home automation, iPods — Einstein himself would be flabbergasted by the things we take for granted.

Our home electronics theme this month explores how some of this new technology can be integrated into your home and how many new home designs now take full advantage of the technology that’s available out there. We take the technology theme a step further this time, with L. Sara Bysterveld’s Going Green article concentrating on environmentally-friendly ways to light up the home. Meanwhile, Ann Sutherland focuses on today’s music boxes (they’re definitely not your grandmother’s music boxes, or even your mother’s) and the Gadgets feature helps get your game on.

On the entertainment front, the long wait for the new NHL season to begin is almost over, and we have a special preview of the Calgary Flames in this issue as well. Hit the ice with star sports reporter Debbie Elicksen as she gives us a pre-season report of what to expect from the local hockey heroes.

Associate Publisher Jim Zang also makes a special guest writing appearance this edition, with a condo lifestyle profile of his friend Michelle.

Of course, every month we also shine our spotlight on some of today’s best condo projects, as they lead the way of an approaching condo market rebound that’s fast gaining ground, especially in suburban locations. The ZEN in Aspen Hills by Avalon is as ‘green’ as it is modern; Trico Homes’ Milano takes advantage of its central location in Panorama Hills; and Penncross by Streetside is fairly appraised as one of Okotok’s brightest multi-family jewels.

As we head into the cold days of October, join me in my hope that some of these new technologies may soon come up with new ways to make winter go faster. Until then, enjoy the magazine.

Pepper Rodriguez

Next month:  Check out what’s cooking in some new kitchens.

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