March 2010 | Issue 123 Cover

March 2010 | Issue 123

Editors Message

Master clutter

Any one I know will tell you that I’m not the most organized guy around. My home is impeccably clean and put-together, but that’s only because of my wife who wouldn’t have it any other way. A quick peek at my closet and drawers, however, will tell you that organization is hanging on by the very thinnest of threads.

In fact, when I interviewed Murray Kobe of StorageWorks at my office for the organizing article in this issue, he quickly pointed out the disarray immediately apparent upon entering the door and quickly dispensed advise on how to deal with it (thanks, Murray, I did take you up on those tips). This is what we hope our features on organizing the home and the garage will do for readers – give them tips and encouragement to face the daunting task of the approaching spring cleaning season.

Elsewhere in this issue, L. Sara Bysterveld talks about the irony of how we dirty up the environment when we do our laundry, and gives a couple of tips on how we can be “green” and clean when we wash our clothes.

We also get to visit Cochrane – Western suburbia at its finest with unmatched views of the Rockies and equally enticing affordability that has made it one of southern Alberta’s fastest growing towns.

Our cover feature discusses the charms of Sabal’s Chalet in Copperfield, as the award-winning builder goes for a three-peat of this very popular multi-family townhome project (this is the second in this smart and stylish southeast neighbourhood). Aldebaran’s Edenmore project in Kincora is also on its final phase with terrific ridge lots now available. Our third condo profile is a great comeback story, the Oscar — which had been a victim of last year’s economic downturn — is now complete and looks like a million bucks but is surprisingly affordable considering its location in upper-crusty Eau Claire.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll keep some of the products from the Focus On and Gadgets features — I’ve still got more cleaning to do.

Pepper Rodriguez

Next month:
In our Green issue, we take a look at recycling our old and unused electronics and what happens to them after we take them to the recycling stations.

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