April 2010 | Issue 124 Cover

April 2010 | Issue 124

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A “green” life

I always look forward to our “green” issues. Doing the articles for this theme always teaches me new ways to live a more environmentally conscious life and informs me (and the readers, I hope) of the strides that we have made as a society towards lessening our carbon footprint.x

This issue we take a look at what we are doing to control electronic waste. E-waste, as it is called, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and it is indeed comforting to know that the Alberta government does recognize the problem and has taken the initiative to tackle the growing electronic scrap heap through recycling. Still on the theme, “green” guru, L. Sara Bysterveld guides us on the kinds of environment-friendly paint available, that not only are good for the Earth but for your health as well. Our monthly Gadgets feature also shines a light on the devices that are mindful of the environment — although most of the newest gadgets are still available largely online.

For our regular condo watch — although there’s really nothing regular at all about this batch — we take a look at the newest lifestyle destination downtown: Union Square. Only a few units are left in this ultra-high-end inner-city high-rise that is built onto a park and the First Street Village next door. The apartment condos of Swan Landing in picturesque Rocky Ridge are also featured, as they announce the launch of its final phase. Something to look forward to is Providence Mount Royal. The next development from Gary Beyer’s group — the same group that brought us Providence Bankview and Providence Kensington — that is slated to start pre-sales in March.

We also get to check out the latest developments in Chestermere and Langdon, two of Calgary’s eastern neighbours that seem to be growing every day. We also get to meet condo dweller, Jason McNichol, who plans to make his permanent mark in the city with an upscale tattoo parlour.

That’s it for now, ‘til our next “green” issue in September, let’s think of more ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Pepper Rodriguez

Next month: We really get into the swing of spring with our yard and garden issue.

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