May 2010 | Issue 125 Cover

May 2010 | Issue 125

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Spring swing

Spring is here, finally, and the breath of warm air, and sprinkling of showers brings joy to everyone, a release from winter’s icy grip. Wait, did I say everyone? Well maybe not all of us are looking forward to the yard work the season inevitably brings. Condo owners may get to enjoy a maintenance- free lifestyle, but the rest of us … ugh.

But some of us are already looking forward to enjoying our gardens, and even condo owners can benefit from the Top 10 gardening tips this issue. We also offer some tips from the Calgary Horticultural Society on how to take care of your yard in the most efficient, sustainable manner.

This spring also brings a renewed sense of optimism in the market, judging from the amount of traffic at the condo show suites. Take for example our cover feature, Trico Homes’ Milano in Panorama Hills that has sold out its first phase only months after it launched. Montana by ProCura is also experiencing a healthy surge in sales and Aspire Condo Living by Jayman announced the launch of its latest multi-family project, Chesapeake — in Auburn Bay to great acclaim. All in all, heady times for the multi-family market indeed.

Nothing brings out a sense of optimism more than festivals, and we round up some of the season’s biggest fun-filled events in the city. No one seems happier these days than Airdrie and we find out why in our community feature.

This issue, we also get to go on a local shopping spree with the grande dame of green, L. Sara Byterveld, who talks about the benefits of buying locally.

Finally, we talk to international businessman, Ramon Fosado, whom we feature in our condo lifestyle article, and find out how art adds to the urbane feel of his penthouse.

Pepper Rodriguez

Next month: We go inside the bedroom and talk about the latest design trends in a room where we spend a third of our life in.

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