July 2010 | Issue 127 Cover

July 2010 | Issue 127

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The Big Whoop!

Live large in your living room, it doesn’t matter how big or small your main floor main event is, all that matters is that you can feel relaxed and comfortable in it. Calgary-based designer par excellence Alykahn Velji shows us how in his design feature this month. How little touches can make a big impact on the living room, especially now when most homes have multi-use open spaces that run through most of the main floor, instead of the compartmentalized traditional set-up.

We go behind the lines of the armchair wars in our armchair- and recliner-shopping feature, and try to find a middle ground between those who love the bulky seats and those who think it holds too much sway in the design flow of the room. You’ll never guess what experts think.

It would seem fitting in our July issue — when Calgary lets down its hair and reverts to its Wild West ways for Stampede — that we feature a couple of condo tower projects that seem to be bucking the trend in the inner city.

Our cover feature on Qualex-Landmark’s Luna underlines the enormous potentials that can still be found in the market with the right design and finance and marketing savvy. Having a name as trustworthy as theirs is also key, as the makers of Stella and Nova continue to earn the faith of their clients as they break ground for their third high-rise in Calgary.

Nuera by Cove Properties is also a rare success story in these days of foreclosed condo projects and are 80 per cent sold in their first tower. Brilliant architecture and quality finish with matching affordability seems to hold the key to their success, as four more show suites open up to give potential buyers the kind of luxurious living they represent.

Courtenay Group’s havenworth captures the hearts and minds of the baby-boomer market, as the 20-unit high-end high-rise in the northwest is fully completed giving clients a full effect feel of the sumptuous surroundings. It’s a one-of-a-kind project for a very meticulous market.

Also inside, we get the lowdown on green flooring with L. Sara Bysterveld’s insightful Going Green article. But we’re really excited about our newest regular contributor: Linda Bodo, Alberta’s premier DIYista, author and columnist, and the ultimate upcyler that turns old pieces into items with a renewed purpose.

Which is exactly how I feel come July, as if I have been remade with renewed purpose for the summer’s fun.

NEXT MONTH: We delve into bathroom desgins and talk about water conservation.

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