November 2010 | Issue 131 Cover

November 2010 | Issue 131

Editor's Message - Electric dreams

I have always had this dream of completing a full-on multimedia entertainment centre for my home, even when I was a kid.  Back then, the dream consisted of a 27-inch TV, a five-speaker surround sound system and a Laser Disc player (I know, I’m old). Today, in these days of high-def everything, that dream seems quaint to say the least. But I — and a lot of other guys — still want my (M)TV.

Turns out, it’s not as simple a bringing home a box and setting it up. As with anything in the home, planning ahead and attention to detail are critical in creating your home moviedome. Design guru Aly Velji has some creative tips on how to create an ambience to enhance your home entertainment dream. And I speak to a couple of experts on some of the latest products out there in my Shopping feature.

Speaking of dreams, we also focus our attention on four new projects that present an extraordinary vision of multi-family living. Our cover feature Cardel Lifestyles’ Riverside Townhomes in Chaparral Valley envisions a quaint, quiet, stylish life in the Bow River Valley plus the quality and affordability that Cardel has been known for this past 40 years. DaVinci Homes’ Riviera on the Bow presents ultra high-end townhome living by the same Bow River, and promises to be the new high-water-mark for luxury townhomes in the inner city. University City by Knightsbridge banks on its affordability and central location off the Brentwood LRT station to make it the dream multi-family residential building of the future. Meanwhile, THE edge by Renascence Group, in Airdrie, is the dream fulfilled of affordable, stylish multi-family convenience in Calgary’s sister city to the north.

In this issue’s Going Green column, L. Sara Bysterveld investigates Calgary’s environmental footprint and what the City is doing to shine a light on it. Associate Publisher Jim Zang takes us on a tour of the dream condo Lifestyles Lottery prize in Canmore.

As Aerosmith says: “Dream On.”  And what’s better than watching the band perform this classic on a 65-inch LCD TV, in 7.1 hyper surround sound system. Just make sure to read our tips first.

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That’s entertainment!

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