December 2010 | Issue 132 Cover

December 2010 | Issue 132

Editor's Message - Dreaming of a warm Christmas

Bing Crosby dreams of a white Christmas, people may wish for a merry Christmas, but me, I want nothing more than a Christmas where I’m not frostbit from putting up my Christmas lights. After the summer that we had (or more aptly — didn’t get), who can blame me for wanting a little more warm weather this winter?

But in case I don’t get my wish (not sure if I made it to Santa’s naughty list, but there’s a chance), here’s our Christmas issue that tries to give our readers some other ways to keep warm in more ways than one during the holidays.

I’ve written a Shopping feature on fireplaces showing the new eco-friendly models out there that not only provides us warmth in the winter, but spares us from the Grinch’s nasty gas bill. Also our trusty Going Green gal, L. Sara Bysterveld, shows us how we can lessen our environmental impact during the Christmas shopping season by patronizing local shops.

The spirit of Yule is present in our cover feature, The Montana, that recently unveiled its stunning $2.2 million Nellie Estate suite, which can be the perfect gift, think of it as a gift that keeps on giving, especially with the panoramic views and lavish luxury it offers. We also feature The Brunette, the latest from Battistella as it continues to implement its vision of building not just better condos but better communities. Red is the colour of Christmas, but Red Haus by Streetside Developments is a wise choice any time of year for the price and value it offers. London at Heritage Station spreads Christmas joy by promising to shape the future of multi-family living in Calgary with its affordable prices and hip design.

We continue our Christmas theme with our calendar of events is full of suggestions on what’s happening in town to make the best of your holidays.

I’ll stop my whining about the cold weather now; after all it is the emotional warmth we share with friends and loved ones during the holidays that really counts. Merry Christmas everyone!

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