March 2011 | Issue 135

Bathing beauties

Washing your hands couldn’t be more fun now, as we explore the intriguing world of bathroom designs. It could be debated that the indoor bathroom launched modern times for mankind. Once the bathroom moved into the house a century or more ago, we never really looked back. And with the stylish innovations that are available in the market now that can make your own bathroom a spa-like haven, there’s no reason to.

Aly Velji takes us on a design tour of the bathroom and, just coming from his own bathroom renovation ordeal, he is more keenly aware of the nerve-wracking decisions that have to be made to give your bathroom that boutique hotel feel. I contribute my own musing in the Shopping feature on bathroom taps and talk to several industry experts on what to look for and popular models available. For his Focus On photo feature, Don Molyneaux scoured Calgary to feature some of the latest sinks and vanities.

Also on tap this month are four of the most innovative multi-family projects in the city. We start our tour with our cover feature on Cardel Lifestyles — Calgary top multi-family developer — and we find out how they became that way and the exciting developments they have on the go. We tour Intergulf-Cidex’s Treo at Marda Loop and discover its enormous appeal to downsizers from around the neighbourhood, then visit two of the most exciting multi-family developments that have just launched. One is Copperfield Park from Brad Remington Homes, which relies on Brad’s considerable experience in the multi-family business to create its own brand appeal. And there is also Cove Properties’ Aspen Highlands, which builds on its terrific location in the west side of the city to attract its market.

Our associate publisher Jim Zang outlines what’s in store for Calgary’s home building industry this year in his Market Outlook feature, where he consults some of the biggest names in the business to find out what’s ahead. Jim does double duty this issue by writing our Condo Lifestyles story, which features the sisterly devotion between Jenn and Kristen in the Canvas condo they share.

I thought it appropriate to have L. Sara Bysterveld feature air fresheners, albeit the ‘green’ kind, in her Going Green column to wrap up our bathroom issue. Because the nose knows, and stylish can’t be stinky.

Finally, I’d like to welcome cartoonist Dan Graydon to the magazine. His Condo Comics provide a witty, engaging and funny look at the lighter side of multi-family living. He has some great stuff in store for us in the coming months and you can only find him here in our pages.

Pepper Rodriguez


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