January 2012 | Issue 145

Going in with a bang

The Chinese believe that ringing in the New Year with a bang serves to drive away the evil spirits and leads to a more prosperous year ahead. This was certainly practiced in Philippines when I was growing up, and every December 31 at midnight we would set off fireworks to welcome the year ahead. It can get out of hand, but that’s another story.

The “bang” we at Condo Living have come up with, in our first issue for the New Year may not be as loud as pyrotechnics, but they reverberate in their own way. For example, we have Nicole Bross talking about the new East Village development and what’s planned for this historic community and what it could mean for not only the condo market but the city as a whole.

We also begin with an exciting new design column called On Trend. We’ll be interviewing some of the city’s leading interior decorators to find out the latest in chic, stylish furnishings and decorating tips for your home — be it a condo or a single-family. We start the column off with our theme on home offices by looking at some of the latest must-haves for your cubicle at home.

The sparkler for this issue is our cover feature on The Guardian. Not only will it be the highest residential tower in the city, it’s significant that it’s picking up where the recession-hit ArriVa development left off in Victoria Park and shows that this kind of development in Calgary is still a good idea whose time has come. We follow this up with a barrage of Roman candles: Slokker West’s Townhomes of Chestermere Station takes us on a tour of these innovatively designed row and stacked townhomes in this lake community; Sage.Stone in Sage Hill appeals to first time homebuyers with their range of affordable yet stylish homes in this growing northwest community; and Copperfield Park continues its successful run in this popular neighbourhood in the southeast as it is about to move into its second phase.

We would also like to introduce Calgary to Rae, a World War II veteran who found out how downsizing into a condo works for the lifestyle he now lives in High River. Also, I would like to take this moment to encourage our readers to send in a request to me if you’re proud of your condo and how you think it fits your lifestyle, we’d be more than happy to feature you in our magazine if you meet our criteria.

Now that the holidays are almost over and another year rushes to greet us, we here at Condo Living would like to wish you all a very prosperous New Year, and hopefully we can do our part in raising some noise to bring in a bountiful year ahead.

Pepper Rodriguez


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