May 2012 | issue 149

May matters

The month of May starts the busy season for most home and condo builders. This is the month when spanking new show homes and show suites are launched, when the most eye-catching designs make their debut, and even the most weary of show home viewers get that sparkle back in their eyes at the prospect of discovering new ways to arrange their home.

Our cover story on Copperfield Park, by Brad Remington Homes, is a case in point. The developer estimates that over 1,000 people visited their outstanding new show suites during their opening weekend, and Bryan Logel, their sales manager, and a long-time industry veteran, says he never quite experienced anything like this before. The same is true for ZEN in McKenzie Towne by Avalon Homes, where 40 per cent of its “green” development has sold, they say their buyers are attracted by the project’s Holmes Approved Homes seal of quality. UNO Mount Royal, the newest undertaking by Maple Developments, has no show suite yet, but it is expected to excel because of its uniquely affordable and stylish homes in the sought-after exclusive inner city community that it is named after. While Waterfront by Anthem Properties will absolutely wow anyone who gets a chance to walk through their 12th floor show suites in this ambitious Eau Claire development.

With spring well sprung, we thought we’d cast our focus on the backyard, which some multi-family developments — mostly townhomes — still have. You want to fix up your private outdoor space and we give you all the information to do it. From mapping out your deck designs in Jessica Patterson’s On Trend feature, to putting together the ideal stay-cation home in your backyard with Kathy McCormick’s Shopping feature (her initial assignment for us, and you can expect more great stuff to come from her in the coming months). While Sheelagh Matthews puts in her ten cents with creating a xeriscape garden that is a lot ‘greener’ by using less green turf.

We cap off our patio theme with our Focus On photo feature on lawn chairs these aren’t your grandparents’ loungers, that’s for sure.

Spring also marks the SAM Awards season, the local industry’s equivalent to Hollywood’s Oscar night, and you can check out the partial list of this year’s winners on page 66 too.

It’s always great to see the new condo fashion and designs out there, so have fun on your show suite tours, just don’t forget to remove your footwear. But shoes or no, you can trust that Condo Living will bring you the latest news of what’s going on in the industry.

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