April 2013 | Issue 160

Exciting April

First of all, I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who dropped by the Source Media Group booth at the recently concluded Home + Garden Show. It’s really great to chat with readers and the casual visitor! We’ll be announcing the winner of our draw for a Samsung Galaxy tablet from that show soon. In this issue, we announce the winner for our first draw from the HomExpo show in the Around Town section.

Speaking of which, did you notice how big the magazine’s getting again? Condo Living has been averaging around 80-pages per issue for the past few months, but now, we’re just a few pages shy of a hundred! We have a lot of new features inside, as well, that bespeak of the kind of surging optimism that we share with the market.

Let me introduce you to Richard White, one of Calgary’s most prominent architectural connoisseurs and a regular contributor in our Domus magazine, who will now handle the task of writing about the unique architectural perspective of Calgary’s condos in ‘Condoscapes’. This will go into a much deeper detail on what exactly goes into the making of a multi-family home than our regular condo profiles were designed to provide.

We also welcome Andrea Cox who will be handling the lifestyle assignment for Condo Living and New Home Living. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from her and she asks you for an interview to feature your new home or condo.

Of course we still have Marty Hope and his Hope At Large column has been one of the most well-received write-ups on what’s going on in the Calgary residential market. Kathy McCormick continues to provide us a rock solid rundown of what’s available in the home improvement market with her Shopping stories, and Jessica Patterson has developed a network of designers in her On Trend regular feature that provide us with a rich source for new design trends.

I’ll still be handling most of the condo profile features, and this month we have a record-breaking five new condos to talk about inside, including the cover feature on Ven in Kensington that continues Bucci Developments’ hit streak. We also talk about ZEN in Auburn Bay, which is how Avalon Master Built marks its 30th anniversary. Jayman Modus’ Mint boasts new designs to appeal to a new townhome demographic — the owner-plus-roommate buyer. We watch as Wildstone by Rockford counts down to its final few units in Panorama Hills, which is approaching build out. While Kincora Summit by Cove Properties shows that there is still a wide variety of choices if you want to stay in the north central part of the city.

There are tons more of features inside, including a community profile on Sage Hill — which is also on its final phases — as well as the rundown on the best-of-the-best in the annual SAM Awards finalists announcement.

These are exciting times in Calgary, the condo market is booming, so many terrific options all over the city. One thing’s for sure, the choices are a-plenty, and making a decision to find your new condo starts right here.

Pepper Rodriguez
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