August 2013 | Issue 164

Under the bridge

“Resilience,” it’s hard to fathom the true meaning of the word without experiencing difficulty. Going through misery and suffering, and coming out the other side stronger, wiser, better. In the wake of the devastating floods of June, Calgary is showing it knows the full meaning and measure of the word.

Coming from the Philippines, I’m no stranger to flooding; I’ve waded through the brackish floodwaters that frequently submerge Manila’s streets during the monsoon. But, unlike Manila, Calgary’s so far above sea level that I never thought that this could happen here. It came as a complete and heartbreaking shock to me to see my adopted hometown in such similar dire straits.

Still, it’s the human sense of community that stayed with me in the aftermath — the generous outpouring of wholehearted support, thousands of volunteers eagerly coming together to help those most in need and expecting nothing in return. To all those first-responders, volunteers and anyone who assisted in any way in Calgary’s recovery, thank you.

Speaking of resilience, it seems the new condo developments in the most affected parts of the inner-city have withstood the watery onslaught with aplomb. By and large, they are all okay, as you can read in the rundown Aaliya Essa and I have compiled inside.

PIXEL by Battistella, our cover feature this issue, is proving resilient, too, and they only have a few townhomes left, as its location in Kensington remains to be a big draw. We also have Bridgeland Crossings, which brings a new hip vibe to this historic inner-city neighbourhood. Chalet No 4 is also down to its final few units in Copperfield, even as Sabal Homes gears up for Chalet No 5. Greenview’s Sage.Stone in Sage Hill is a hit with its single-level and two-level townhomes that has been particularly popular with first-time home buyers, active seniors and empty-nesters. We also have an update on how SkyView Ranch is changing lifestyle perceptions in the
New North.

The floods made us appreciate the true meaning of resilience. I am confident that Calgary will walk away from this test better and stronger, and I, for one, can’t wait to write that next feature about how well the city and its housing market has recovered. You can bet that Condo Living will be there when that happens.

Pepper Rodriguez
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