November 2013 | Issue 167

Municipal action

By the time this issue comes out, Calgary will likely have a new City Council, although Mayor Naheed Nenshi, from all indications, looks like will still be in office for the next four years. I certainly hope everyone of you participated in this important civic duty; there are too many issues that need to be addressed and there is simply no room for electoral apathy.

One of these issues is the ongoing battle between the City and land developers and home builders on structuring Calgary’s future growth. Our own Marty Hope spoke with Mayor Nenshi and industry officials in his news feature and it looks like it boils down to a disagreement on whether we have enough land supply in the next few years to sustain our growth (the City says we do, industry begs to differ). That may be an oversimplification of the issue, but both sides seem still willing to work with each other to resolve the dispute. The important thing is that you, our readers and the public at large, are informed about the matter and what its consequences may be.

We at Condo Living have always been of the opinion to let the market determine where homes are built. Demand is there for both inner-city and suburban development. Take for example Cardel Lifestyles, our cover feature this issue. They have had great success in their line of stylish and affordable suburban condos, as they launch their latest developments: Cranston Ridge and Sage Place in the deep south and far north quadrants of the city, which indicates strong suburban demand. Sonoma at Sage Hill is doing great business, as well, in this new suburban community.

On the other hand, developments like the new Verve by FRAM Slokker in East Village, the just-launched Lido by Battistella in Kensington, 43 Park by Vericon in Renfrew, and the very popular MARK on 10th by Qualex-Landmark also point out an appetite for urban condos. All of these developments are talked about in this 108-page issue you hold in your hands — our biggest Condo Living magazine in recent memory.

It’s not all about new condo developments either. We also get to explore the world of pets in condos with Janine Workman, and wallpaper design tips from Jessica Patterson. And Kathy McCormick explains the new design uses of bookshelves as e-books slowly erode the popularity of actual books. Aaliya Essa’s photo essay on bookends though has me thinking that maybe all is not lost yet for home libraries.

Calgary really is an amazing city, and the range of multi-family options available is nothing short of astounding. I can’t wait to see what other developments are coming down the line. Whether inner-city or suburban. You better believe that Condo Living is your best source for the latest happenings in the industry.

Pepper Rodriguez
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