July 2014 | Issue 175

It’s a kids’ world

Have you noticed how much the design of kids’ bedrooms has changed these days? It used to be a kingdom ruled by Barbie, Hello Kitty or the gaudily clad superheroes. Not anymore, says STYLE writer, David Crosson, who notices they are more like mini-bachelor (or bachelorette) pads tricked out with their own TVs, audio and game systems — especially for kids in their tweens or older. So the old punishment of “go to your room!” doesn’t necessarily hold as much weight as it used to. He cautions though that parents should allow their kids some input in the design of their room.

Kathy McCormick looks at another aspect of the children’s bedroom, and tells us how young families in their condos can turn a spare bedroom into a nursery with the latest trends in baby items in her Shopping story. 

This youth trend theme of the magazine does apply to the city of Calgary itself. After all, we are still a young city — although one that’s going through a strong growth spurt. This growth is mirrored in our cover feature on Battistella’s LIDO development in Kensington, which displays a more grown-up taste with its modern and stylish design. LiFTT by Vericon and STEPS Bridgeland reflect the rapid development of Calgary’s older inner-city communities that are now decidedly gaining a more youthful luster. Hunter House by Streetside and Brookfield Residential’s Mosaic Riverstone show the suburban side of this growth with townhomes on the luxurious side of things. While Innovations by Jayman’s Townhomes in Sunset Ridge capture the movement to communities outside the city, as Calgary homes become less affordable and countryside living becomes more attractive. Whether they be developments in the inner-city or suburban or even out-of-the-city, we want to tell our readers that there is a wide array of condo choices available to them.

This issue also shines a light on the outstanding women in Calgary’s home building industry in Part Two of Elizabeth Booth’s Women Builders’ series. Speaking of light, Aaliya Essa picks out a selection of new patio lanterns for her Focus On photo feature, as the backyard parties go into full swing this spring. The community of Ramsay is also focused — not for the new condo developments there (there are none) but for the unique attractions it offers inner-city dwellers looking for a nearby spot to spend a fun weekend afternoon.

Calgary is filled with unique spots like this, and it is part of Condo Living’s responsibility to let our readers know not just where they can find a condo to live, but give them an idea of the lifestyle available in the community they choose.

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