September 2014 | Issue 177

Crazy from the heat
The sizzle you hear may not be just from the pavement baking in the summer heat, but from Calgary’s ultra hot condo market.

And by “hot” I don’t mean just the skyrocketing sales, but also the wildly diverse and increasingly urban style that the new high-rises in the downtown have brought to the city. Our architectural guru, Richard White, delves into just exactly who is responsible for turning Cowtown into Wow town as far as condo architecture goes in the inner city. The answers may surprise you.

The recently announced list of finalists for the CHBA – Alberta Awards of Excellence also bears out just how hot the Calgary market is right now, as Calgary-based builders and developers dominate the list. Check out who made the cut in the multi-family segment in these pages, too.

Now, you may expect that the only hip condos are in the downtown, and I’m here to tell you they can be found anywhere in the city. Our cover feature on Streetside Development’s Hunter House in Silverado shows just how cool suburban condos can be too, as their stacked bungalows and row townhomes are evidence of the inner-city style they bring to the suburbs. Our five other condo profiles reflect the variety of styles and lifestyles that are popular in the market right now.

In the inner city, we have: The River, an ultra-upscale development in Mission that’s down to a handful of units; The Orchard on Twelfth is Lamb Development’s second project here and will be a twin tower with a literal apple orchard in the middle; and The Guardian will be the two tallest residential towers in Calgary and they offer two-bedroom condos that work for families looking to live the downtown lifestyle. And in the suburbs, we have: Canoe in Auburn Bay by Avi Urban whose first phase is nearly sold out a week after it launched; and ARRIVE at Redstone, which is doing just as spectacularly, as they epitomize the optimism of the New North.

No matter where you look, there’s a condo that’s right for you, and there’s no better proof of that than this book, which I might add, is the fourth time that we’ve cracked a hundred pages this year (and all year long we’ve just been in the 96-page range). Quite a feat if you ask me, considering the tight competition in the industry — and that’s all thanks to you, dear readers, and your continued support.

This issue is chock-full of other neat articles, like Kathy McCormick’s Shopping story on Inglewood — we tried something different this time, focusing on a particular shopping area than a product. And then there is STYLE sensei David Crosson’s take on bonus room design and how to take that spare room into a play room (or work room, or what-have-you room). There’s even more to talk about than space permits here, so I’ll shut up now and let the magazine speak for itself.

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