November 2015 | Issue 191

Thriving vital signs

Calgarians are a resilient bunch, and for the most part they seem to be happy. Even with the tumult in the oil patch — our economy’s major driver — Calgarians still seem optimistic about life in Cowtown. The Calgary Foundation’s Vital Signs citizen survey rated our overall quality of life as a B. I would have been ecstatic with a grade of B in high school, but that’s just me. Still, considering the soft economy, the seemingly unending stream of job cuts, the stalled housing growth, it would have been easy — maybe even understandable — to get a lower rating. But, like I said, Calgarians are a resilient bunch and proud of it.

The Calgary Foundation’s Vital Signs survey is an annual check-up that measures the vitality of Calgary, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades in areas critical to quality of life in Calgary. And the survey — done annually since 2007 — says that we remain satisfied with our life here, with only the slightest variation from how we felt last year. Which is considerable, as the oil slump really took a bite out of our economy in that period.

A shining example of that resiliency and confidence in the future is the rapid redevelopment of East Village. As Nadia Moharib writes in her community feature, this historic enclave — once the very image of urban blight — is now rapidly becoming a standard by which inner-city redevelopment can be done. East village welcomed its first residents over the summer, new residential developments are going up (including N3 which we talk about in this issue, too), and everyone is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Central Public Library and National Music Centre, and construction of both are proceeding at full speed and both promise to turn this former unsightly brown field into the city’s cultural hub.

But this excitement isn’t all found in the inner-city. Take for example our cover feature on Cardel Lifestyles’ Cranston Ridge, they just released their line of townhomes and response has been terrific. Cardel Lifestyles has always had a knack for finding terrific locations and this one is no exception, as they are in the heart of the quickly developing southeast quadrant with the new hospital, and the Seton commercial complex fuelling demand.

Jackson by Avi Urban and Axis by Rockford Developments are both in Walden and are similarly attractive to buyers because of their proximity to Seton and the lifestyle available in this established southeast community. Hunter House by StreeSide Developments in nearby Silverado is also drawing a large number of townhome buyers for the luxurious affordability it offers. And the inner-city developments of N3 and Bridgeland Hill find their market with Calgary’s young set.

Shelley Boetcher explores the charms of Victoria Park in her monthly A Day In feature. While David Crosson shares his expertise in styling your kitchen and Kathy McCormick dwells on what choices of kitchen countertops are setting the trend this year.
From all indications, the coming year will likely test Calgarians’ resilience even more, and the housing sector will likely be challenged again. But industry leaders remain confident that smarter growth initiatives are the way to survive and thrive in these trying times. We’ll be there to let you know how it goes.

Pepper Rodriguez

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