February 2016 | Issue 194

Up to the challenge

Source Media Group recently saw fit to unchain me from my desk for the holidays, and I got to spend it with friends and family down in LA. But from the unusually cold, El Niño-influenced weather down there, LA could have stood for Lethbridge, Alberta. Though not quite a “Frozen” landscape, it was still cold enough in Disneyland that we had to buy overpriced Mickey sweaters to fend off the chill. My Calgary weatherproofing was sorely put to the test, but we were up to the challenge.

It wasn’t all fun and chuckles down there, I had some time to check out some of the new condos going up — with some alacrity — in the city of Glendale where we stayed. “Gentrification” is a word bandied about — both in the positive and negative sense of the word. I saw some nice courtyard-themed condos similar to the ones popularized by Battistella and Avi Urban and other developers here in Calgary.

But I didn’t see one that could match the sheer grandeur of The Royal which graces our cover this month. We had a chance to talk to one of its buyers and the list of upscale amenities and attributes has him singing the praises of this Embassy BOSA development in Mount Royal Village near 17th Avenue S.W. They also seem to be up to the challenge of Calgary’s economic downturn, as sales remain robust with 60 per cent of the tower already sold.

Other downtown developments from Qualex Landmark (Park Point) and Grosvenor-Cressy (Avenue West End) are similarly going strong, with construction already commencing.  From those high-rises, we also talk about a couple of inner-city townhome developments — Killarney Townes From StreetSide Developments and Urban Townhomes from Sarina Homes — to show the incredible versatility of our developers. Then there are the suburban condos of Sandgate at Mahogany by Hopewell, and Valmont at Aspen Stone, neither of which seem to be hurting from the slow economy (Valmont is down to their final few units, in fact).

The prevailing cool weather that greeted me upon my return north makes me just want to curl up in my bedroom (that, and the ton of accumulated emails awaiting my response). Glad that we have Kathy McCormick showing us the best way to create a comfortable, bedroom in her Shopping story. Aaliya Essa also came up with a fun Focus On photo essay on the cool nightlights available today.

Our story on master gardener Carson Arthur, who will be headlining this year’s Calgary Home + Garden Show, gives us the first hint of spring. All the inspiring garden designs he has makes me wish winter could be over and try out some of his ideas.

Well, 2016 is looking like a tough year for all of us in the home industry. But like a good friend once told me, the only way for the industry to get through these tough economic times is by focusing on its strengths. And there remains to be a lot of strength and resilience in this industry.

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