May 2016 | issue 197

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been doing something so long that everything becomes routine? Days just blend one into the other and it’s hard to find something fresh to keep you interested? We all have those days, I bet. It’s a blessing that I really like my job talking about Calgary’s condo and new home market, and discovering something new and interesting about the latest developments — a new community, a new home design — is never to hard to find.

But when we had visitors stay with us last week, I think I may just love my job more.

Sure, we did the usual touristy thing and took them to the sights, but where else was someone like me going to bring them but to the new condos and show home parades, right? They don’t have these kinds of set-up where they’re from, and seeing their amazement and wonder at these glitzy new homes and condos — which I’m pretty used to by now — did give my appreciation for them a big boost. Seeing them with new eyes, so to speak.

One of the new condos that will surely open eyes and other senses again is the new Walden Place by Cardel Lifestyles. Their brand new sales centre includes a two-bedroom suite model that goes far in describing the kind of relaxed, stylish and affordable lifestyle they have here. 

We also cover Kensington condos by Bucci that’s nearing completion along 10th Street N.W. and in fact have moved up possession dates by early fall. We go far into the suburbs this issue with Mosaic Riverstone by Brookfield Residential, which offers single-level townhomes. Then there’s Chalet No. 6, the latest in Hopewell Residential’s series of popular townhomes in Copperfield. We also talk about Mark 101, which heralds a new era for Shane Homes as they debut their new multi-family and land development divisions. ARRIVE Evanston is getting terrific feedback for their amazing range of floorplans, while Merge Developments varied townhome offerings in Airdrie is also covered here. Whew — another busy month for us.

With the early spring weather we’re enjoying, we wanted to talk of all the aspects of enjoying your private outdoor space — whether in a single-family home, a condo or a townhome — with our Shopping, STYLE and Focus On stories. Kathy McCormick talks about the range of outdoor furniture now available with more weather-resistant materials and a more contemporary look. David Crosson lays out all you need to plan your perfect outdoor party. And Aaliya Essa gives us options on flower pots in Focus On.

SAM Awards winners were also just announced, check out a partial list inside. Congratulations to all winners and finalists!

If you find yourself at a new show home, or sales centre suite and you see me, say “hi” I’d love to hear your perspective.

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