July 2016 | issue 199

Excuse me while I catch my breath… Just came in from doing yard work the whole weekend, and let me tell you, these half-century-plus old bones can’t take much more of it. Also, I’m awful at it, and my lawn still looks like Death Valley (at least, it’s clear of weeds). The last couple of summers, it’s been weighing more heavily on the mind — maybe I should move into a condo, then I wouldn’t have to worry about the lawn or shoveling snow in the winter.

There’s a great selection of condos out there, for sure. And chances are you can afford to buy one.

Take for example our batch of condo profiles this month, they’re all new, some are ready for quick possession, and more importantly they’re priced for the times. “The Ashbury is the perfect option for anyone who wants to get out of renting, prices we offer are often lower than what a monthly rent can cost,” Genesis corporate marketing manager, Jesse Coderre, tells us. “Interest rates are low, and demand has been surprisingly high in this part of town (Saddlestone N.E.) which to me looks pretty recession-proof.”

The suburban developments have actually been doing pretty well in the soft economy. My Legacy Park by Brad Remington Homes is on its third building already and you can find out more about them in the feature inside. The Brand by Birchwood in Cochrane’s Heartland community is also featured and is attracting lots of interest for its small town location and super affordability. 

While in the inner-city, we still have The Orchard from Brad J. Lamb Developments, and they dispel rumours that the project has fallen through, they are very much alive and are just about ready to start construction. Victory and Venture from the Providence Group is doing remarkably well and has new show suites that tell a lifestyle story of their ideal location in Bridgeland. And finally we have Niche One in Rosscarrock in the southwest, a new all-concrete and steel construction of just 18 suites that’s touted to be the most affordable of its kind.

These are just a small sample of what’s available in the city, and if you check out the Auburn Bay community feature, I’m sure you’ll find more of them there. And speaking of community, it’s just about time for Stampede and we have Shelley Boettcher telling us what’s new and exciting for this year’s celebration.

I do love my job talking about condos — going to the sales centres, talking to buyers and developers about their dream homes — and it is really gratifying for me to see the fruition of all these condo talks. And wait till you hear about the new ones coming down the pipeline — especially from Jayman BUILT, which we’ll be talking about more next month. It really makes me want to consider leaving lawn work altogether.

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