August 2016 | issue 200

I love home entertainment. Ever since I can remember, the dream had always been to have the best hi-fi stereo to listen to my LPs (kids today call it “vinyl” — I know, I’m old), and a colour TV connected to its two speakers for stereo sound quality. Back then I thought I was the king of the world with my old set-up anchored by a 21-inch box type RCA TV. I laugh at myself at the thought with today’s inexpensive, readily-available ultra 4K TVs as big as your wall paired with high-def surround sound system.

Our STYLE guru, David Crosson, dives into this new world head-on in his entertainment technology feature in this issue. Although a self-proclaimed Luddite, David says he was enthralled by the crisp, digital beauty of watching and listening to even just the nature scenes loop running at the TV show room where he did his research. I’m sure “Game of Thrones” wouldn’t have the same impact if I were still watching it in my old analog set-up.

With the advances in sound attenuation technology in multi-family developments, even condo dwellers can enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound without getting into fights with their next-wall neighbour. And with advancements in wireless speaker technology, you can move the speakers away from the common wall without worrying about wires and cables running all over your floor.

Sound attenuation — or limiting the travel of sound vibrations in buildings — is one of the features that Embassy BOSA Developments excel at. And their latest one, Arris in East Village will surely have this home-entertainment-friendly feature. But that’s not all it’s going to have, as Arris is giving Calgarians a chance to have their input in the design of the suites themselves. Interested parties can go to Embassy BOSA’s renovated sales centre at the East Village Experience Centre to let the well-respected developer know what features they feel are important for this new high-rise. I’m sure they’ll love to hear from you.

This issue also talks about the latest Brookfield Residential inner-city townhomes — The Henry in Parkdale, which gives a slick urban twist to living by the river. There’s also Axis by Rockford Developments in Walden that offers a first-time homebuyer friendly option. Diseño by Landmark Homes in Sherwood offers both townhomes and apartment-style condos in a new contemporary style. INK by Battistella Developments is another reason for people to choose to live in East Village. And SoBow by M2i makes the most out of its location in the thriving neighbourhood of Inglewood.

These are just a small sample of what’s available in the city, and if you check out the EvansRidge community feature, I’m sure you’ll find more of them there. Shelly Boettcher also reminds Calgarians how lucky we are with all the many urban parks at our disposal. Sun is out, maybe time to put down my TV clicker and go for a ride in one of those parks. 

Have a great summer, Calgary.

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