January 2017 | issue 205

Can I just say this? I’m glad 2016 is over!

That was a bear of a year, if you ask me. All those political upheavals from Brexit to the last U.S. elections; all those celebrity deaths (David, Bowie, Prince and Alan Rickman were big ones for me, personally); the Stampeders losing a heartbreaker for the CFL Grey Cup after a heck of a season; not to mention the continued slump in the Alberta economy — 2016 will be easy to forget in my books.

But I’m ever a glass half-full guy, and 2017 — right now — is full of potential.

For one thing, we’re trying out some new things in the magazine, including The Designer Series, which makes its debut in Condo Living in this issue. This series is kind of like Pinterest on the printed page, and showcase more of the design of show homes and show suites with lots of blow-up pictures. And we start with Cardel Lifestyles’ Walden Place. We spoke with Cardel’s designers, Kristina and Kendra, to get their ideas in designing this condo space and hopefully, spark the readers’ own interior design ideas.

The potential for the year that I’m talking about is also reflected in our cover story on Avi Urban’s new development of Maverick at Livingston, which leads the way into this new northern community and pave the growth for the area in years to come.

We also have Emerald Sky by Carlisle in the nearby community of Kincora, Bridgeland Hill by GableCraft in the inner-city and Stonecroft Auburn Bay in the nearly finished lake community in south Calgary. Of course, we deem to cover all of the city in our condo coverage.

We also focus in on Nolan Hill in the northwest that has certainly boomed and shows the popularity of this sector of Calgary.

We also got to chat with Mike Holmes Jr., the son of TV home renovation star, Mike Holmes, who is one of the headliners in the first Calgary Renovation Show. We find out what makes hime tick, and how he’s different from his dad and what he will be discussing with Calgarians at the show.

Live-work style is also at the theme of our STYLE, Shopping and Focus On features. David Crosson talks up practical style in your live-work space at home, Kathy McCormick tells us the essentials furniture we need for it, and Aaliya Essa’s photo feature on wall clocks shows the different decorative ways we can tell time here.

2016 didn’t really go the way we would  have wanted, and with the exception of the continued sluggishness of the economy, everything took us quite by surprise. Here’s to hoping that the year ahead won’t be as shocking.

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