September 2017 | issue 213

I’m not talking just about the season, either. Sure, it’s a little alarming to see yellow leaves in the trees along the Bow River Valley already. Although, after one of the best summer’s we’ve enjoyed in recent memory, a little coolness in the air suits me just fine.

The other change I’m talking about is occurring in the Calgary housing market. Looks like the worst of the last recession is behind us, and home starts are gearing up again. The Canada Mortgage Housing Corp. (CMHC) reports that the seven-month period from January to July this year saw 6,671 homes begin construction, that’s quite the improvement from the 4,951 starts in same period last year.

“After a slow start, the trend in new home construction this year has increased, moving closer in line with historical averages. Multiple starts in particular have been strong in recent months, including July, despite inventories sitting at near record highs,” the CMHC says in its July 2017 report. But this also comes with a warning: “If the current pace of production does not ease, there is the possibility that inventories will stay elevated for an extended period of time,” the agency adds.

Prices though may yet edge higher. Developers we talked to have said that their trades are already telling them that they cannot expect building costs to remain the same from last year, indicating that the added cost will likely find their way into home prices. Like the old saying goes: “God doesn’t give with both his hands.” So, for those that can afford to get into a new home now, this might be the time to take the plunge.

Count yourself lucky if you are looking for a new condo or townhome. For one, Gatestone has just been launched. The newest townhome development in Quarry Park by Remington Developments is being launched at a time when demand for this type of housing in this inner-city community is at an all-time high. Find out more in our cover story.

There’s also a wealth of other developments to choose from, our line-up of condos and townhomes this month makes that abundantly clear. Whether you are downsizing, or buying a first home, offerings from Radius and Victory & Venture (both in the inner-city community of Bridgeland), Townes of Redstone and Auburn Rise (in the northern and southern suburbs, respectively) will have features and prices to fit any lifestyle and budget. The Journey Club in Westman Village offers even more for retirement living.

Then we have the community of Legacy, where growth continues unabated and the sense of community itself seems to get stronger along with it. Shelley Boetcher also explores campus life in our A Day In to help our college students in U of C and Mount Royal take a break from their studies. The Calgary Fall Home Show is also spotlighted, with Blue Wicket Interior’s Rosalyn Lazaruk talking to us about designing small spaces.

It’s been a busy month for us, unusual in the summer months actually, and the fall looks like it will be even busier. Join us for the ride.

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