November 2017 | issue 215

The November issue marks a milestone for us at Source Media Group, as we finally launch our revamped website After months of trial runs and rough drafts, we finally have a website we can be proud of. It’s easier to navigate, has a ton of exclusive content and has a more pronounced lifestyle edge that homebuyers are looking for.

Our new social media guru, Ian Serpanchy, unveiled the new website at the CHBA Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing event in Jasper and it got a bit of a boost when we chimed in with our two cents in an X92.9 Facebook post about a brewing note war in the condo where one of the alternative radio station’s hosts (Angela) lived in. You can read all about this kerfuffle and our take on it in the website and in the Condo Living Facebook page too. Speaking of which, follow us there (and Twitter) and you can get even more information not just on what our homebuilders and land developers are up to, but what else is going on in the city. We try to cover everything that’s going on in our world and keep our followers and readers up to date. It’s a brand new way to spread the word.

As long as we’re spreading the word, did you know that Brad Remington Homes is already launching their My Legacy Park II? That’s right, the follow-up to their successful My Legacy Park, which is all but sold out, is ready to roll out and don’t be surprised to see long lines at the sales centre and show suites on October 14. Check out our cover story for more information.

We have a bunch of inner-city condo developments in this issue too. The Royal by Bosa Developments, Ezra at Riley Park by Birchwood Properties, Avenue West End by Grosvenor, and Vogue by LaCaille are all featured here. Most are almost ready for move-ins, so when you’re in downtown, look up in the sky and you’ll notice subtle differences in the skyline that these new high-rises have brought about.

We also shine a light on new senior care residences that are coming up in the Calgary area, we spoke with a couple who are actively looking for one and we were quite surprised by the number of new residences that are coming up. I’m getting way up there in age, too, maybe I should start looking now.

Finally, a mea culpa: I’m a screw up. The hectic pace that we produce these books gets me in trouble a lot of the times, and things get missed. A couple of instances where in the Victory and Venture article that ran in September issue, and also in the Skyview Landing piece that ran in October. Both had typos in the Fast Fact box. We’ve corrected both in the digital editions and in our website (which is another fantastic use for them — you’ll always get the most up-to-date info).

In This Issue

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Welcome, My Legacy Park II

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The Royal Life

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