August 2018 | issue 224

The community pond is one of the best features of the suburban communities, it has a functional purpose to store rain water and mitigate flooding risks, and adds an aesthetic touch as well.

My dog Bucky, and I love our afternoon walks by the duck pond in our neighbourhood. It’s peaceful and a great spot to bird-watch (There was a flock of pelicans the other day. Pelicans!). Meeting and interacting with neighbours is the best part, you get to know the community that way.

I’ve gotten to know several fellow dog-walkers in these daily 40-minute jaunts, and friends who recently visited us from the U.S. were envious that we had these beautiful pathways and ponds in the neighbourhood that we can go to everyday. (I used to take them for granted, but that was before we had the dog).

It is this kind of park-like setting that is the biggest allure of our cover feature, Dallas 54. With the entirety of North Glenmore Park and its varied parks and recreational areas surrounding it, Dallas 54 does make for a wholesome inner-city location.

All new condos and townhomes strive for this connectivity with nature and accessibility to amenities. Avi Urban’s August is the newest mutli-family development in University District, which is fast gaining a reputation for the kind of easy living lifestyle it offers. Q at Sage Hill Quarter by Morrison Multi-Family takes pride in its location at the heart of what will be a bustling commercial district in the northwest. While Bucci Developments’ Radius has been a hit because of its serene surroundings in Bridgeland and its proximity to the downtown.

Our feature on Heartland in Cochrane also reveals the pleasure people can get from park and playgrounds that Apex Developments has provided for them, not to mention the varied chocies in multi-family options in this neighbourhood.

We also explore the bike world of Calgary in our In the City feature and the newest gear you can use for this particular pursuit in Focus On.

Take advantage of the parks, pathways and ponds in your neighbourhood, it’s a great way to get to know the community and stay active. For the warm months, that it is. I’m not sure what Bucky and I would do come the winter when it’s minus-20 degrees Celsius out.

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