April 2019 - issue 232

Spring is just around the corner… or so I keep telling myself. The brutal winter seems to be petering out but there’s this nasty chill in the weather still that’s knocked me out for a bit. I can’t even remember the last time I took a sick day. Oh well, happens to every one I suppose.

The month kicked off interestingly enough with the 9th Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E.) Awards celebrating those companies who have achieved exceptional customer experience scores throughout 2018, as rated by their clients. It was a great time to go and catch up
with industry friends and also celebrate the relationship between companies and their clients.

Speaking of celebrating, there’s a whole lot of celebration going on at Quarry Park these days, as Remington Development Group gets ready for the release of their Calais bungalow villas in this riverside community.

We’re also excited to tell everyone about the new Attainable Homes development in Martindale, it is the first time that the non-profit organization is releasing a development under their own banner and it promises to be both affordable and sustainable with solar panel arrays as

Then there’s the Matrix in Mission that not only has some of the most modern condo styles in the most desirable inner-city neighbourhoods, but also has a terrific financing package that makes it real easy for first-time homebuyers to afford their home.

Nude by Battistella is also turning a lot of heads with their “small space, big life” campaign that touts the appeal of maximum lifestyle with a minimum of fuss. Then we have Fish Creek Exchange, the first development in Calgary by Toronto-based Graywood Developments that
has been so successful they are already unfurling a second one in Kensington.

Lake life in Mahogany just keeps getting better and our look at the new develpments in this successful Hopewell Residential community in the southeast gives a deeper insight on what’s going on here.

Our STYLE guru Christina Loc lays out a fashionable way to make the most of your private outdoor space and enjoy the summers more. While Portia Yip turns her sights on what gardening tools are best for your needs in her Focus On photo feature.

We sure hope everyone’s doing better than I have been the past few days, I know losing an hour of sleep for Daylight Savings time doesn’t help, but I think we’re through the worse of the wintry weather at least.

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