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August 01, 2017

Homes by Avi Street Towns in Savanna showcases award-winning quality

Pepper Rodriguez

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Homes by Avi’s Street Towns have prided themselves as the ideal turnkey home but their designs also turns heads. Their show home in the new northeast community of Savanna is the 2nd grand prize home for this year’s Kinsmen Lotto, which just goes to show its stunning family-friendly value.

The Ivan show home is valued at $509,900 and marks the first time a Street Town is being awarded as a lottery prize at the Kinsmen Lotto.

The 2,219-square-foot Ivan has four bedrooms, quite large for a Street Town, and its winners also get $10,000 in cash. Homes by Avi Street Towns already come with fenced backyards, rear decks or patios, and double detached garages.

The top prize for this year’s Kinsmen Lotto is also a Homes by Avi show home, the six-bedroom 3,340-square-foot home in the northwest community of Tuscany valued at $900,000. Tickets can be bought at the show homes at 31 Savanna Street N.E. or 95 Tuscany Ridge Manor N.W.

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