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May 01, 2018

CMLC releases master plan for Rivers District

Pepper Rodriguez

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Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) — the development team behind East Village — releases their vision for their next redevelopment project in east Victoria Park.

CMLC spent the past 12 months creating an imaginative, practical, forward-thinking master plan for east Victoria Park called the Rivers District Master Plan. They say in a release that the next step is now to embark on a “robust public engagement program, in coordination with the City of Calgary, to solicit ideas and feedback from Calgarians on the vision for a 21st century Cultural and Entertainment district in downtown Calgary’s east end.”

CMLC senior vice president of strategy & business development, Susan Veres, says their vision for the redevelopment of east Victoria Park will one day turn one of the city’s oldest and most historic districts into a home for 8,000 residents.

“Just as we did for East Village, CMLC is advancing a 20-year redevelopment program for east Victoria Park,” she says. “Rather than reinventing the community as something it simply isn’t, our vision imagines a high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood that draws on the beauty of its natural surroundings, the strength of its cultural heritage and the spirit of entertainment that resides in its DNA. With plans for more than four million square feet of new development, this community will one day be home to some 8,000 residents. CMLC also envisions modernized amenities — event centre/arena facility and expanded convention space – along with new offerings, as key elements in our vision for an east-end Cultural and Entertainment District.”

Crafted for seamless integration with the existing urban fabric — including several heritage buildings and the Elbow River — and as a compliment to the Stampede Park Concept Plan, the Rivers District Master Plan will help reshape the area as an active, walkable, accessible community with enhanced connections to adjacent neighbourhoods.

For more information on the development, go to:

To view Rivers District Master Plan engagement video at District Master Plan.

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